IBX Acid Oxication Reagent

Buy IBX at competitive price for your R&D use.  Reagent is used in organic synthesis as an oxidizing agent especially suited to oxidize alcohols to aldehydes. You can search IBX (61717-82-6) at aurumpharmatech.com and purchase in any size available online.  Simply click on this link to purchase it.

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IBX 61717-82-6

IBX – 61717-82-6

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CAS No :
Purity :
Mol. Formula :
Mol. Weight :
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SKU-Pack Size Price(USD) Quantity
100 G USD 120
1 KG USD 800
5 KG USD 2400
Polar Surface Area : H Acceptors :
Molecular Weight : H Donors :
Rotating bonds : Molecular Formula :
Smiles :
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